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The recent Colombian history is that of the implementation of a totalitarian regime. The reflection on this process and its antidotes is our task.

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We’ve produced more than one thousand articles that generate spirited debate and reflection.

Since 2004, our blog has played a key role in the discussions regarding Colombian society’s struggle against a network comprised of terrorist groups, their financial support agencies and propagandists, the corrupt politicians and magistrates that protect them and the powerful drug Cartels that finance them.

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Our analysis has led us to infer that behind these criminal organizations is a conspiracy that has led to the terrorists’ success, culminating in what has come to be known as “the peace accords.”  We’ve also revealed a clear relationship between the success of this conspiracy and an enduring social order of parasitism and domination that has existed since colonial times, which serves as the basis for a totalitarian minority.

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The thousands of heinous crimes that communists have committed in Colombia are part of a larger scheme, in which the Cuban and Iranian regimes provide weapons, money and logistics; left-wing interest groups and ideologically similar governments in the region provide support and legitimization; and Soros’ network launders ill-gotten proceeds and whitewashes the crimes (which leads to “peace.”)

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